Cedar Exterior Paint Coating

Painting cedar gives your home a distinctive look that combines contemporary design with a touch of rustic style. Cedar siding looks beautiful when professionally painted, including lap, shingle, bevel, and tongue-and-groove styles. At Rhino Shield, our exterior coating experts know how to paint cedar siding to ensure the best protection and appearance for your home.


Why Paint Cedar Siding?

Cedar is a good fit for exterior surfaces, offering natural impact resistance and moisture resistance. However, to give a cedar siding house the best protection against the elements, it’s essential to apply durable paint or seal. Here are several advantages of painting cedar:

Complete moisture resistance: Unprotected cedar tends to warp or crack. Painting with Rhino Shield makes cedar siding impervious to moisture in warm and cold climates.

Long-lasting and vibrant colors: Fading is a common issue with cedar. Fortunately, painting cedar with Rhino Shield ceramic microspheres maintains your home’s same bold exterior after decades.

Superior protection against damage: The mildewcide paint additive, algaecide, and fungicide of Rhino Shield protects all cedar varieties against rotting, mold, and insects, like never before.

Dependable fire resistance: Homeowners with cedar siding are often concerned about fire risks. Rhino Shield is Class A Fire & Smoke Rated, so it offers the best rating possible for fire resistance.

Reduced maintenance requirements: With Rhino Shield, you don’t have to worry about sanding and replacing flaking paint or seal every few years. Your home looks gorgeous for 25 years or more.

Cedar lasts, but the stain and materials used to treat it sure don’t. Rhino Shield is a great answer to putting a long-lasting, permanent paint coating on cedar homes and siding.

What Steps Are Required for Painting Cedar?

The first step in painting cedar is to clean the wood and repair any cracks. Next, our professionals prime the wood. Priming allows the protective coating to penetrate deeply into cedar. After that, a thick topcoat is applied to lock in the benefits permanently. This topcoat can be tinted to the color of your choosing.

Why Choose Rhino Shield Cedar Painting Professionals?

Our team has extensive experience restoring older cedar siding and painting new cedar. We can transform faded siding into an exterior that looks breathtaking. Rhino Shield exterior ceramic paint coating completely bonds to and seals cedar exterior homes and buildings. It offers the best protection possible for a cedar siding house. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us right away. See pictures of past projects of Rhino Shield used on cedar below.